5 Countries You Can Live Off $1,200/mo

5 Countries You Can Live Off $1,200/mo

As our safe monthly retirement income creeps towards the $1,500/month mark, the number of places in the world where we could live a happy life expands dramatically. This edition of the “Retire Abroad” series focuses on cities where $1,200 per month provides a safe, comfortable, fulfilling life for two.

In global terms, $1,200 per month is a fortune. It’s more than the average monthly salary in Argentina, Chile, and Romania. It’s twice the average monthly salary in Mexico and four times times that of Serbia (which made an appearance in the last article). In fact, $1,200 per month would put you in the top 8.83% of earners in the world and makes you richer than approximately 6.5 billion people.

I’d also note that as the monthly budgets in these articles increase, it’s possible to increase the standard of living in one of the previously-discussed cities. Sure, you could spend as little as $664 per month in Penang, Malaysia, but on a $1,200 per month budget your life would be far more decadent. This series will always focus on relatively lean budgets, but ultimately, you are the best judge of minimum acceptable lifestyle, and reading earlier articles in this series with a larger budget in mind may help you find the right fit.

With that in mind, bring on this month’s adventures!

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